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How to fix Simple mail transfer protocol errors (SMTP)

Description SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a protocol that can be used for both sending and receiving emails. However, because of its limited functionality, specifically an inability to cope with anything other than short queues, it is most commonly used for sending emails. Other protocol such as POP3 is more commonly used for the receipt of emails.

Associated Errors When you suffer problems with sending emails you will typically receive an SMTP error with an error code. Some errors you receive should be fairly self explanatory, however, others are far from intuitive in their meaning. An SMTP error code consists of three numerical digits, which are usually referenced on various websites on the Internet.

Each of the three numerical values do represent a certain meaning. For example if your code begins with a 5 this means that the SMTP mail server has encountered a fatal error and the email could not be sent. In all cases, if you receive one of these error codes, then your email has not been sent and you will need to take some action in order to successfully send the message.

Recommended Solution While the most accurate way to fix SMTP errors is to look up the code on the Internet, there are some simple steps you can try first that may fix the problem quickly and painlessly. The first, and most obvious, is to shut down your PC and restart it. This gives your system the opportunity to reset all files and settings and may clear the error that is preventing you from sending email.

SMTP servers typically use port 25, and while many firewalls will automatically enable access through this port, you should ensure that your email client has the appropriate access level to contact the server by opening this port. Some SMTP servers also require user authentication in the shape of a username and password. Email clients present the opportunity to enter these where necessary so ensure that all settings are correct within your email client.

If these simple steps do not work then make a note of the SMTP error code and try searching online for the appropriate action. If this also fails then contact the company responsible for your SMTP server and tell them the problem not forgetting to include the SMTP code. They should be able to provide with a means or a method to fix SMTP errors if they can't fix the problem from their end.

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