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Skype: How to Erase Messages and Call History

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Skype is an innovative and extremely popular Instant Messaging service that can be used not only to send data via instant message but can also be used to make and receive voice calls over your Internet connection. It has become so popular because of this method of making what are essentially free voice calls over an Internet connection.

Protecting Your Personal Information In Skype

Because of the amount of information that can be transmitted using Skype, including data and voice messages, it can become a storage ground for personal information and data that you do not wish to be viewed by third parties. Like most Instant Messengers logs and a history are typically kept of all instant messages and any documents or files that are sent or received. Where Skype differs and, in a lot of cases, contains more data than other Messengers is in voice data.

Information That Skype Holds

Skype enables users to make and receive data calls. It also performs many other functions similar to those of using a cell phone. Voice mail is collected and in-depth call records are also stored on your system for your use in the future. All of these records and logs can cause a drain on your system and on Skype specifically, but they also contain personal information. Without secure deletion this information can be hacked by a third party.

1 Opening ParetoLogic Privacy Controls












Open ParetoLogic Privacy Controls and click on the Options link in the top left of the screen to bring up the Options tab. Navigate to the Instant Messaging category ensuring that this category is selected by placing a tick in the selection box.

2 Selecting The Skype Options














Click the arrow next to the Instant Messaging tab in order to bring up a list of the applications that ParetoLogic Privacy Controls supports. Place a tick next to Skype and click the black arrow. The following options appear:

Chat And Voice Call History Skype retains a log of all chat sessions and voice calls made through your Skype connection. These can quickly cause the Skype program to run slowly and invariably contain personal information that should be protected. This option enables you to securely delete these logs.
File Transfer History File sharing between contacts is easy using Skype but all file transfers are also logged. Again this can lead to a leaking of personal information as well as a poor performing application or system. Select this option in order to clear this log completely.
Voice Mail History Voice mail typically takes up a lot of room and may contain personal data regarding you or your contacts. The most secure method to delete these files is to use this ParetoLogic Privacy Controls option to do so.
Received Files Skype includes a folder that contains all files you have successfully received using the Skype application. The Received Files folder can be easily cleared out using this option on ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.


3 Setting Secure Deletion Options

Place a tick in any of the boxes relating to the areas you wish to clean. Next you will need to choose between the four deletion styles. Files can be deleted normally without any overwriting passes. This is similar to a manual deletion performed by the user. Quick deletion offers a single overwrite, while the safe option overwrites files three times, and secure seven times. For the most security conscious users, or for removing personal information, the most secure method is advised.




4 Starting The Scanning Process

Once you have selected the areas of Skype you wish to delete and the deletion method required you should click on the Scan & Erase link in the top left of the screen and click the Start button on the resulting page. This will begin the scan of your computer for the selected Skype files and logs. You will be presented with a scan progress display until the scan is finished.




5 Viewing Scan Results








The scan results page displays once the scan is complete and provides details of all files and logs that conform to your selection. You can select or deselect any of these for deletion using the check boxes that appear next to each. It is also possible to view a brief preview of an item by double clicking it. The preview will appear in the right window of the scan results page.

6 Erasing Skype Logs And History

Once you have made your selections and removed any entries that you wish to keep click the Erase button and confirm your actions in order to proceed with deletion of the selected files.







7 Completed

Once completed ParetoLogic Privacy Controls will display the main page so that you can progress or close down the application.

The Benefits Of Using ParetoLogic Privacy Controls To Clear Skype Logs

Skype is a valuable commodity for its many users enabling them to make voice calls as well as partake in instant messaging chat sessions. Phone calls and online chat sessions usually contain personal information that users do not want unauthorized third parties to read. Using ParetoLogic Privacy Controls it is possible to prevent the leaking of this information. Using the secure deletion setting it is even possible to prevent specialist data recovery software from gaining access to the same information.

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