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How To Remove Senders From Your Block List

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Introduction To The Block List

The Block List is an essential component of the Spam Controls program. Any email address or domain that is in the Block List will be treated as sending spam emails. As such, should you receive any emails from these addresses in the future they will be forwarded directly to the PL Spam Controls folder ready for purging or for further action. This ensures that you never need to receive any more spam emails from known spammers.










Automatic Scanning

ParetoLogic Spam Controls automatically scans incoming email in order to determine whether your incoming mail is genuine or not. In the vast majority of cases this means that spam will be blocked and genuine email will be delivered to your Inbox. However, in some circumstances, genuine email can find its way into the Spam Controls folder. Alternatively, an email you may have initially considered spam may turn out to be from a genuine sender.

Removing Senders From The Block List

In both of these cases it will be necessary for you to take action in order to avoid the same circumstance occurring again with that contact's email. As well as marking the individual email as being Not Spam it is also necessary to remove the sender of the email from your Block List. Otherwise any future correspondence from that sender will automatically be forwarded to the Spam Controls folder once again.

How To Update Your Block List

There are several ways to remove senders from the Block List in Spam Controls. As well as being able to do it directly through the Block List page of the main application it is also possible to do so through your email client in two different ways. Usually, the most suitable, will depend on how you use the Spam Controls program.

Removing A Blocked Sender Through The Spam Controls Program

In order to directly remove a sender from the Block List open Spam Controls and click on the Block List option. Highlight the sender you wish to remove in the large box at the bottom of the screen and then click the Remove button. This will remove the address from the list and ensure that all future emails from this person will be treated normally within your email application.










Using The Spam Controls Toolbar In Your Email Program

In the ParetoLogic toolbar there are essentially two buttons that can be used to do the same thing. These are the Not Spam and Allow Sender button, however, they do work slightly differently so users should ensure that they choose the right option.




When browsing the PL Spam Controls folder you may come across an email that you believe has been incorrectly identified as being spam. In this case the best option is to click the Not Spam button. You will be presented with a dialog box containing several options. Simply clicking on the OK button will only remove this single email from the Spam Controls folder and will not remove the sender from your Block List.

The “Add Sender(s) To Allow List” option will remove the sender from the Block List and allow future emails from that person to be delivered as normal without being further scanned. The other option “Report Email As Not Spam To ParetoLogic” should also be ticked in order that the main database can be updated with your action.

Allow Sender is usually best used when you receive an email from a new contact and you want to be sure that no emails from that person go missing in the future. Click the button and it will change to read Remove From Allow List.

When you highlight an email from a person that is in your Block List you will also notice that the Add To Block List button, in actual fact, becomes Remove From Block List. Clicking this will also remove that person from your Block List and allow future emails through the scan without being stopped.

ParetoLogic Block Lists

ParetoLogic uses Block and Allow lists in order to help combat the torrent of spam that many users receive. The regular updating and careful monitoring of this list will pay dividends to ensure that you minimize or eradicate the instances of spam that are delivered to your email inbox on a daily basis.


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